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My Water Diet

What current for my water diet
What current for my water diet
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From 287 to 284 in ten days. not sure if I am on the right road. but encourage for the first time in a long time.


My Doctor Bhat at the university of michigan recommend after much checking with me. blood work and my record which I don't think doctor should be professional care if they do not pass a patient record.  most don't from Oakwood hospital.
Dr.Bhat is trying a metabolic syndrom condition.  which I asked for some info to understand it.  I do not fully understand it. but know metaformin has been used in diabetic like my dear wonderful husband who lost over 50lb from metaformin.  it does something to correct the kidney and liver works which causes slow weight loss. I though since I changed doctor to get me help it worth a try.  to get a doctor interested in obesidy and metabolic disorders.  which I know little about. I went april 24, 2012 and filled the two scripts more concerned at my knee and hips effect to so much fluid no one can find.

Grant you having trouble walking is scary when you know nothing going to stop you massive body from gaining weight.  I seen my weight was at 187lbs and did not think anything to it. after all since summer 2004 I had done nothing but diet andwater pills in beg to get rid of the fluid which the tanita scale says I have in feb 2003 which no one had to check me. Doctor don't know what fluid in the body does. they don't understand what going on with me and cannot get important record as hospital seem to own them when you reverse fiber opitic nerve damage. citing nothing to the new primary only made me look a liar. 

on 500 mg once a day metaformin I also go a pill for heartburn which she wanted me to use instead of tums. I had to much calcium.  I though great if it work I have to take it for life. it that kind of condition. yet I do not have diabeties.  so I wonder if it would even work.   natural I am skeptical.  ten days later I knew it was slowiy working like it did with hubby. but felt it not water I am losing the cramping effect fluid does is key factor to that. so I did not understand it.  yet a neighbor noticed as asked if I am losing weight.  I though check the scale. then got angry at hopeful desire for the pill to work for this metabolic syndrom.  however I did realize I am peeing more.  would a water pill work with me now?  I was curious.  I got a old pill from 2005 used a couple as they so old and took equal old potassium.
though it would not work.  yet by next day I saw I had slight increase in peeing. and when I drank water I made more urin than going out.  I was pleased that that the vision I seen when I made the appointment which I say is from God was the only vision of me losing weight was that I found the right doctor.  I actual told dr.bhat about each vision of before when I sent to a new primary and God gave me adream of me and I am always bigger.  I was not eager and anxious to how it came about.  I assumed I see wang again and he drain my fluid this time.  however I see nothing of a pill.
I am experiementing.  I felt more cramping and that concerned me during the slight fluid release.
I also belief I need to check it with over the counter to see if I do the same results. if metaformin causes a water pill to work for lymph congested or fluid retention of undertermined injuries as I suspect.  in either case i did plan an outline on one day a week to use the water pill.  you may ask why.  but it obvious.  I have drop dead heart attack in my family. currently a blood clot in my right legg which moved before it show itself. and need to remember the severe fluid I lost in 2003 on one water pill a 7 lbs in one day loss.  that causes unbeleible cramps on my own.  So I will check it.  as big people will sag as well. from to quick size loss.

hello just one day to realize dummy that I can be. was wrong. I did not pee on diurex.  must be protien rich edema is not allowing it. I have to re read that section of my second book. just because my older one is ragged.  I plan on using the waterfall diet with metaformin. for better results.  I though the pill corrected the problem and hope to experience that day so long ago before congested lymph design my body again in how I react hormonal.  does congested lymph fill with what?  protien. if it does it then has fibers and waste within it to stuff it and it attacts fluid. as protien attack fluid at the lymph fessesl which is of course water filled in my case and no one help me to ID it. amazing what doctor don't do.


Erics what I knew of his sad end.
i am angry that doctor are killing patients by neglect. they do not check record and many actual get away with murder their patients.  they don't check and say doctor did not give anything. how do you go from 344 lbs and died at 589 in one year time. granted you leave henry ford hospital dr. gupta with 75 lbs loss at 344lbs and somehow end up in Jan 2011 at 589lbs?  why.  lazy asses is what god will say.


Thank you for giving me a coffee cake recipe.  I will share it here.

a personal journey to a healthy me!
and a healty You!

I think planning a meal in a set up of food you can eat is best. for instance
3 days of oatmeal everyother day eaten
3 day of yogurt for one of the smaller meals.
3 day of banana for fluid suffers.
3 salad days for lunch. and alternate a real meat of meat potatoe or fish and mach and cheese.  with veggie.
3 days of soups homemade if desired. 
3 days of fruit for a meal ( yes I said fruit as a meal)
limit carbs and eat the smallest sweet if you have a sweet tooth.  they have mini rolos and mini reeses which are tiny but satisfy. Remember This meal for fluid suffer you don't count the carbs as you need the repairing work of fruit carbs for vascular.  also use coconut oil.  which is 76 degree solids or above it liquid just like lymph is in your body. remember move neck up and down 5  x and head side to side 10 x each morning and afternoon for fluid flow in the lymph system.
1 meal of breakfast meat and have three bad days of flour.  or spelt. which has less flour.
have two reg meals which can be used out to eat style.

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