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with lymph edema you have little hope. most doctor ignore it. as they do not understand it. otherwise they would answer your questions of the build up.   with this site. I am going to announce a test treatment plan and ask participants to follow the plan.  this is for research and is marked below after these treatments.
first bandaging. wrapping every day the lymph area effected. in my area my doctor took over two year before he gave me the abdomen binder.  that barely fit me.  he saw me get bigger and when hospitalized he put me on a cardiac diet of 1800.  never lost a pound. until 2009 fall when I went in and was afraid of the heprin blood posioning he had no ideal caused me blood poisoning in nov 2007.   I actual had a lawyer confirmed I was posioned but oakwood hosp and my doc had no ideal.  legal they are crooks hurting me and expecting me to do better. and then labeling me bi polar. with no evidence other than the fact that I did have a lying doctor do nuro test and lie of it. but I am label?


Lymph message works.  you would start on the outer limb portion of leggs and hands work up toward heart.   this for 8 minutes usual responds with my bladder filling. even if I delibertly don't drink fluid for a few hours to test this my bladder fills.  another sign of the rare lymph edema.

Diet   belief it or not this depend on why you have fluids.  some heart, liver, kideny patients.  or people who doctor say have no problem but are monitered by taking away  salt, sugar, fat, caffine away should realize limited sugar in fruits with a growing problem is not good.  my personal experience is I listen to the doctors of one area or another.  nutritional the problem of the lymph will grow and effect other areas.  where the organ is not effecting others.  to do it again on waterfall diet as linda prescribes is something I prefer to do.  but cannot go back in time to ensure I eat more fruits during the cleansing and healing portion of the diet. 
flavornoid  bioflavornoid are the only help in congested lymph and eating the fruits is better.  do this before congestion or obstrution set in.   your problem lessen the over health of your body by ridding it natural of excess fluids.

Water pills
water pills only work on uncongested fluids.  once the lymph system has been congested or obstructived.  injuries.   you have to message and use devices to message that area.   a large block can cause local swelling to easy identify the problem.   this site is dedicated to the rare overall lymph problem of absorbing everything in your body as the area of injury say belly or chest or pelvic get bigger so will the rest of you. 


Two types of air boot for compression of veins and muscles.  I got both.  one is overall compression.  the other is sequential compression.  the white boots were taken in the hospital. in a days time of continious time.  I noted and my nurses that my calfs which obtain the hard tight swollen mass became softer and not so tight.  I learned this can control it. but my doctor laughted when I asked to get treatement at home.  he had no ideal and his patient was a lymph suffer.  especial useful by my own expeirence.  but not when the doctor ignored it.  why I do not know.  but Garryez  which isbeing researched by Dick-Cosner  researching a test for treatment plan below is looking into it.


Lymph air boots
Yes this is it. the best help as I had it in the hospital with a much stronger and not battery operated model.  this worked.  first day I saw it I thought that a  lymph message boot.  and the nurses said it would be better than the binder socks my doctor order.  he agreed and they got this as I refused heperin treatement since I am seditary and not well alot.  I had to have vascular help.   the boots gently filled in a rhymic three level going from outer limb of my calf to mid and then upper calf.  first day my calfs are hugh and tight not able to indent in it.  not even suspecting it work as I was very sick and not sure of it.    
second day I felt its a lymph boot my calfs were softer.  and after three days you could poke inward on my filled calfs and be amazed as the tough hard calf you could not poke were now soft and mushy.    this to me was proof that fluid was drained in oonly this area.  and it worked.  for my overall body and everyone with it effecting calfs. 
I though manufactor can treat lymph edema.  Dick-Cosner Researching Garryez also recommend this type of air message calf.  and hope manufactors will expand the attached boots to be thigh, arms, and body which you change the attachment.  but at this time no one belief me and no manufactor is aware of it. as the hospital did not allow me to write the manufactor to state its a lymph edema help.
these boots are availble as battery operated and I have one this year 2010.  I been using it on one legg as my legs returned to hard non push in state.  will update when I can.
for those of you consider the two system cored air mesage boot using compression.  I got that one first.  and did not test thoughtly as I should but I am doing the one legg as I only bought one calf message lymph to start.
I did air compressio0n blue boots with attched thigh.  I did not see results as the whole area is filled and release.  its not rhymic in lymph low , med and then higher in that calf area.  so it effect was less in my opinion.  but I also see I did not test as long as I could have.


Sequential air message worked the best for me.  all I have is one battery operated calf messager and it worked keeping my calfs softer.  as harder calfs mean that area will break down and make me bigger.  not that going from 135lb to 250 is anything to doctor who put me on fat diet and I have 8 food allergies which my allergist says they do not contribute. 
what I suspect is two area of pain since the 1999 auto accident are the source of it. Uof Michigan hospital cardio vascular surgeon dr. whitehall did not even want to take my case. my most recently  catscan shows no vascular leaking.  yet it was not active in pain when the catscan was done.  so I wonder how accurate are they since doctor go by them religiously.  I don't know.

Dick Cosner REsearch is a non profit unestablished research of personal need.  my brother died from this and a tanita scale found it in feb 2003 30 lbs of fluid.  I am told its harder to find the frequencies of this fluid in side and out.  and they do not accept that the first scale worked for me.  I however seen the rare lymph edema cause mis diagniossi that caused my oldest brother garry to die.  from the draining.  it was called vascular collapse and a psychic  I saw a round red sewer with a light and lower flow.  I had no ideal this was his blood vessel as I never took anatomy classes.  I though it was a red sewer.  and as the image showed lowering flow level I was concerned.  however I did not connect it to the many drainings my brother was going through in fall of 2002.  when he died in Nov day before thanksgiving.  I was still stumped by my visions which showed the red sewer.
I called many over the years as a result of the feb 2003 fluid reading of 30lbs over normal.  and because this condition is under diagnoised in my opinion. radiology don't show it. and its only other condition which cause them to drain it to find it. doctors don't know what they are dealing with.  common sense says don't drain 100 lbs from a man and watch him get sicker when before the drainings he walked and was okay.  I know I got video of my brother as he was reuinted with his kids in fall of 2002 and I was happy he could see them.  however I got a summer shot in kentrucky when we placed my dads ashes on his birthplace farm.  and my brother in a swimsuit in summer of 2002 show he got a weight or possible water problem though it all over harder to detect.   my second shot was his kids at my house and the fluid draining was started.  I also noted he started look more sick with drainings where before the draining he looks good.  this can be backed by my own imagings.  when he died one kid was away from him and he let me taped a message of him.  he is significate smaller in face even though I did not do a body shot.  it shows a weaker brother talking to his kids as his last message.  this proof I got and it took only 6 weeks for the drainings to kills him.  though the doctor hid it too.   he said his liver killed him.   those knowing it would say yes from the outside.  but the draining increased the problem of vascular collapse and
God is angry at medical practiooners who don't  check and who drain 120lbs or 100 lbs from a man in a short time and say its his liver. 
A University Cardio Vascular surgeon was the one to point it out to me.  and because the image of the sewer I could not go on in conversation.  the words
VAscular Collapse became common sense to me.   as I began to talk to more doctors they knew of it. and had claimed medicine knew about it for years.  I thought why did they not stop when he was being drained it obvious to me it could kills then why did they?


this compression device soften my rock hard calfs and I have to alternate.   I use batteries with this one.  I am convinced that treatment need draining with this. as where does the trapped water go.  no where is my answer.  
Hence I ask people like me seeking help for a uncomfterable medical condition.
Get on Waterfall diet or one that treat capillaries.
daily have oatmeal and fruits, yogurt for breakfast. limiting eggs and ceareal that are fully fiberous as oatmeal.
lunch see a large salad , coleslaw,  soup
snack on fruit or fruit juice
limited caffine, salt, fat, sugar.  use diet caffinated pop is must have.
dinner eat less bread as I am on a diet because if for alleries  I often get wheat free and cannot afford it alot of the time.
do not eat larger amounts of protien as it can harm the kidnesy and we want just enough so go buy some nuts.  if you like them.  as cheese is to fatty.
aim your bowel to be soft and wet.  yet a solid
take multi viatims  stress formula and all the one in this website and linda book offers.
go to a body piercing and get it done as deep tissue piercing it has to reach the outer fluid area of tissue space collecting.  you drain this is smaller amounts. remember to check piercing for infection.  use device sold on ebay to drain it. as tatoo places have them. 
drain fluid in a collection and ask your doctor for support of this method as if it works they may use it.  a body piercing is a serious approach.  in my case they do not see any damage and it fluid effect nerves damages on machines.  I know they did not belief me of Vijaykumar as a liar.  but they will once draining a large amount of fluid reg  say 5 lbs a week.   if this is done repeatedly you will check fluid by participating doctor who will order it tested.  get cups to check reg as infection is easy to set in.  eat viatmin c for more help in keeping healthy.
In my case. no rradiology or doctor said I had lymph edema and my primary said it based on me and his checking the catscan telling me the open tissue space can be fluid.  draining this fluid must be done slowly.  if you get a piercing and it leaks regular.  don't accept that it leaks as all fluid counts because too much to fast can cause damage.  and I have a dead brother to prove that.
doctument it in yahoo diet groups where I am soon to annouce when I get my piercing due to medical condtion not helping my lymph edema.  I actual have to buy my own devices as doctor has no clue where they are.  so many of us in this place. but once I drain then I go to the nerve doctor who tested me as she was different from dr. mckee.  she is peterson.  I show her the visible sign of skin damage of nerves that they need to readdress lymph edema and it hidding nerve damage.  I will post the photos here.  thanks  everyone who tries this.
you need to do this lifelong as the diet aim at healing it but is not known if it can. so keep your peircing below the breast in a lymph area of no nodes.  or unknown.  many pericing don't know this and you need to check it for your own help. 


a personal journey to a healthy me!
and a healty You!

I think planning a meal in a set up of food you can eat is best. for instance
3 days of oatmeal everyother day eaten
3 day of yogurt for one of the smaller meals.
3 day of banana for fluid suffers.
3 salad days for lunch. and alternate a real meat of meat potatoe or fish and mach and cheese.  with veggie.
3 days of soups homemade if desired. 
3 days of fruit for a meal ( yes I said fruit as a meal)
limit carbs and eat the smallest sweet if you have a sweet tooth.  they have mini rolos and mini reeses which are tiny but satisfy. Remember This meal for fluid suffer you don't count the carbs as you need the repairing work of fruit carbs for vascular.  also use coconut oil.  which is 76 degree solids or above it liquid just like lymph is in your body. remember move neck up and down 5  x and head side to side 10 x each morning and afternoon for fluid flow in the lymph system.
1 meal of breakfast meat and have three bad days of flour.  or spelt. which has less flour.
have two reg meals which can be used out to eat style.

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