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How long will it take for doctors to come up with my own figuring.  missed auto accident trama was bad enough to cause leaking in my head and my lower chest area where the stomach meets the intestine.  near around the villi area.    that I am filled with more than protien rich water is not shocking when Dr. Kriash told me.   I realized now why I am always hurting in neck is producting of spinal fluid or brain fluid.   one of these is leaking in upper chest area.  by my catscan on adomen it looks like stomach juices ate part of my fat area. its is unequal in appareances.   and by 48 waist line now which is not to far from the nov 23, 2007 cat scan.  you use your eyes and see its several inches of tissue space filled with fluid others doctors cannot see.   when they find it.  I am going to fight to get help for people in my situation.  rare body absorbing edema and it being weird unseen.   hidden as the occult would say.  how many of you feel lousy, weak and in constant pain?  there is a reason for it.  better laws and getting a correct scale as doctor say whatever.  I do not think they know the answer that I know.  I hope I can reveal it soon.

Well I was in March 2002 doing very well on a diet.  it was the south beach diet.  I have always been one to need to diet.  I had a sweet tooth and loved flour products.   So in this year I slowly saw my size 12 begin to get smaller on me.  I was 158lbs.   I had a goal which I wanted to reach.   I saw no reason to worry as I always made my goals.  I had a high stressed jobs in quality control in the auto supply business.   and I felt that stressed slowed down my progress. 
Then I had the first major shock of my life.  My dear Father had a massive stroke.
I had my dad for 17 days more.  and I was aware he was not in the best shape before this.   he was 69.   I saw a few weeks go by then I heard of a cousin dying.  this was started prior to my dads death.   That of his older sister my Aunt Betty had died the feb 2001.   Yet as time would go on we took my father remain to kentucky where he was born.  My Cousin Keith who had lost his significant other was grief stricken.   we Lost a cousin in this time frame.  and after our Trip my Cousin who is like a brother shot himself.  Unable to take the loss of his love of his life.   I was shocked again.   I had pains then and noticed that the weight slightly changed in my re-gaining.  I planned to go stronger very strickly 1200 caloric level.   Yet my oldest brother who was sick and laid off was to weak to return to work.   I knew something was wrong.  But he was without Medical Insurance and I was calling for agencies to help him in his state.  By August 2002  I got a state agency that would help us.   Unfortuate my Brother was terminal and was to late in any thing that could of prolonged or saved his life.  the wait was to long.   I was shocked and just function.  My dear sweet gentle brother garry Died the day before Thanksgiving.  The same week a beloved Uncle died.  That time frame saw alot of family and friend dying.  I counted 11.   I was shocked and numbed.

The holiday season passed and I slowly re-gained the weight.  I think I was just to shocked with the double grief of 2002.  Though I tried to over see that I did not eat alot.  Nothing helped.  by Feb 2003  I was at the health spa and they were having a special day.  You could get on a special scale.  It weight fats, calories, body weight, weight of total body water and several other things.   I can't recall.  But as I had to step on the scale barefoot.  I knew I had gained the weight back at 187lbs.  and I wasen't concerned.  Though the nurse who did the test was.  She pulled me aside gave me my print out and told me that I needed to show this to my doctor explaining to me that a 30lbs water weight was over normal limits which ran from 8 to 11 lbs for people and so I agreed shocked that I would tell my Doctors.   I assured her I was seen for asthma  frequently.   I put it away for awhile fully intending to tell.  Yet forgetting to tell was a side effect of the water retention.  At work I grew extremely tired and I would forget easily things.  I though this was because of my brothers death since the symptoms showed up after he died.   Yet I wasn't concerned.  I did not know then this was related to my water problem.  I started to reseach water edema that could cause this.  I was feeling pain in my lower ribs area and though my spleen was very painful when I worked out.  I suffered worsen vision and had contributed this to a recent auto accident where a woman on a cell phone not paying attention to road conditions hit three other cars.  I was a middle car in the four car pileup.   I was partial paralized and hit my head.  I was concerned at my increasing problem of dropping and miscalculating movement that caused me to drop or break glass when I did dishes.  I was having trouble with my feet when the covers were on them at night.  and I noticed I rarely urinated, and rarely felt the urge to go.  That I did not sweat.  and I worked out 3 days a week at my health fitness center.  I began to worry at something when I next saw my doctor.  which was in June.   I had been offered a full time position.  but decided to get me healthy.  So I did not accept the position and did not want my co-workers to know of my chest pain, or weight problems.  water was not serious.  or so I thought.
One week after my corp lunch good bye party  I went to my doctors.  I learned that it could be serious.  and my Doctor Gupta would test for my heart.  Since I had edema I told her and said of forgetting.  it had been months.  but I though better than never.  Since the Congestive Heart Failure was serious.  My Doctor order me to bedrest.  Which I though would be a week or two.  I had several test and the results were not all back at once.  it also took about six week to get everyting she order tested.  I was not rushed to get it done.  just scheduled and go.  I began to get upset at the bedrest.  I thought edema caused by bedrest was partial the problem.  Even though I had 30 lbs at the time of my being weight in early feb 2003.  yet prolong bedrest was hard for me.  I even called my doctor angry at my summer vacation time being sent like a sick person. 
Since the car accident I did not like to be in bed.  and was thinking she forgot me.  I called in mid sept and she told me the test were not all in.  That to go ahead and continue the bedrest til the last test was done.  and she reassured me she did not forget about me.  
Well end of Oct  about the 28 th I got my doctor office call to say I could get up and do exercises now.  I was happy and started to work out in the water.  The heart scare still effected my decisions.   and I finished 2003 gaining weight.   Though I still was on a diet. 
2004 Came and I began to research many website related to edema.  causes and such.  I saw to many that had knowledge which I could not understand.  and many that did not give enough information.  I was eating up website daily.  I was determined to do something because of the medication for edema did not work.  by the beginning of 2004  I had went through several brand of water pills.  none of which worked.  lasix, demex.  and others. 
my Doctor agreed the water was a problem but there seemed nothing that could be done for it.  I went and had my eyes checked and was shocked at the change in my script.  I talked to the eye doctor who assured me that a special cleansing diet had been in her experience where the patient reversed some or all of the vision problem.  and I was adament.  I now had proof that it could be helped.
On my researching edema I was checking books out in the bookstore.  many were above my level of reading.  written I was sure for doctors.  and other to impress doctors.  I did keep on a website which I was looking at often during this time.  But my local book stores were sold out or did not carry the waterfall diet.   with my weight at 194lb I knew I could not wait.  yet the cost was somthing I was cheap about.  I tried to push it into the stores.  and it just didn't happen.  about the time I hit 198lbs I decided to order it on line.   I also told my doctor of this decision.  She smiled and said that was good.  I still researched the websites with material to gather of edema.  I was alarmed at my low calorie intake and the continue upwards scale reading.  When the book came I had gained in that short time weight.  I weight 204lbs.   My body was bloated.  and I could sqeeze water out of my face when I pinched like I was popping a zit.  Water would run in a steady stream and I knew I was water logged.  I did not like the palor of my skin or all the sun spots all over my face and arms.  yet I was sure it was vitamin related. 

When The book final arrived.  I was eager to read it.  I am a fast reader.  and it was incredible knowible which I understood.  it was so much to take in and right away all my friend wanted to read it.  so for the next month after I read the book it went through my friends and family.  Some on reading went out and actually bought the book saying as I did.  you need to get a copy as it so involved and you need to return back to the book for things you just can't get from reading it once.  So on the diet,  I started the basis.  Since it was focus on capillaries repair.  I bought vitamin to do this.  I figured three months total and a new old small me returning.  Yet I did not know then that capillaries repair takes six months.   and I forgot some of the factors to watch out in.  so as some friend took longer to return my book.  I did not have all the tools.  Yet I refused stubbornly to check a friend who had a copy after reading my book as I felt it would come back soon.  and I had enough to start.  during this time.  I was alarmed at the few food choices.  Yet I did not see as I should.  and as I tried stir fry for the first time in my life.  I was happy.  because the soy which was low salt was very good and my family loved it.  They however did not like that I did not buy cookies, breads, cakes, chips into the house.  and at Christmas my decision to see my old doctor Razzaque was because he his specialty for the colon, intestines. and he was very happy at the diet.  concerned at my 207lbs and was aware of cleansing diets.  he prolonged the diet another 3 months.  and he looked at the book cover happily saying I would lose more than the 45 odd pounds of water. and I was hopeful.  though not too since he prolonged the diet.  I asked of what my eye doctor said of a year or two to see the final result.   He explained that yes.  in some cases it took at long as that if you stuck to the diet.  that for me he hoped I would.  and that health wise.  I told him I was now sweating thanks to vitamin b.  Which we were happy as a early sign the diet was healing me.


This video is actually after a year where I did not let people photo my ugly arms because it was much darker. 
This is progress
My Waterfall Diet shows allergy to Flour.  Sensitivity to highly process, food additives.  because of the misleading readings.  If you noticed my weight went up and down.  by only a few pounds.  yet I think the twizzler are to blame.  I wil be redoing this if its show gluten problems.   So far I had 5 areas of concern of the diet.  Allergy.  Lympth & Capillaries, liver, kidney , and vitamin and minerals.  this is one good thing.  My skin is and has been clearing up.  my sun spots are not noticible in my hairline like they once were.  my  forearms are lightening up.


a personal journey to a healthy me!
and a healty You!

I think planning a meal in a set up of food you can eat is best. for instance
3 days of oatmeal everyother day eaten
3 day of yogurt for one of the smaller meals.
3 day of banana for fluid suffers.
3 salad days for lunch. and alternate a real meat of meat potatoe or fish and mach and cheese.  with veggie.
3 days of soups homemade if desired. 
3 days of fruit for a meal ( yes I said fruit as a meal)
limit carbs and eat the smallest sweet if you have a sweet tooth.  they have mini rolos and mini reeses which are tiny but satisfy. Remember This meal for fluid suffer you don't count the carbs as you need the repairing work of fruit carbs for vascular.  also use coconut oil.  which is 76 degree solids or above it liquid just like lymph is in your body. remember move neck up and down 5  x and head side to side 10 x each morning and afternoon for fluid flow in the lymph system.
1 meal of breakfast meat and have three bad days of flour.  or spelt. which has less flour.
have two reg meals which can be used out to eat style.

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