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My Water Diet


What current for my water diet
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some blood thinner help like vitamin E over the asprin. though they coat it. this help keep blood thinner to pass through the urine.

this is an older text update because a professional doctor lied about a test and my condition. it is why I called it Garryez. because of corrupt doctor don't help. and currently not one doctor belief me.  this process is beginning to show with some highly trained specialist who are interested in the therpies I do. and what they do.  combining them is helpful. and the study of the process of what is going on with me is ongoing.

As of the week of Oct 1, 2008.  I went to a new Hospital since I had a liar Nurologist who told me I had a case.  I could go to a lawyer and the eye and memory were not water related.  Doctors do not know what they are talking about.  get a woman with possible spinal fluid in places it should not be and you have a extremely healthy looking person.  which doctor do not see is that you are much sicker than they see.   New nurologist has to start from scratch.  delay in michigan sad economy is job loss and no insurance for over a year.   I am just starting up again.  because of the high deductible insurance.  we may delay as my husband just got promoted to a 'helper'.   so he is not a entry level or pay rate.   tough times I ve always known. 


the true start is after I realized I could not control my weight even on a diet.  (adkins and southbeach)  were at 1200 calories and I was gaining weight.  one to three pounds a week and not knowing why.  this was Feb 2004  that I was 187lb on a 5 ft 7 inch  med frame which hid weight and water gain well.

Sept 6, 2005  since Aug 24 I've been on a strict diet where I weight myself every day and take the smallest reading.  since the beginning of this summer.  sometime in june.  I had experience days where I just knew the diet was working. that means I was going to the bathroom with a lot of urine coming out.  yet I would not weight myself in the summer.  it was a very hot summer here in Michigan.  and I was upset at the failure to identify the problem.  I came to the conclusion that it was Saturated Fats.  yet on the diet I went from my all time high 211lbs to 208lbs.  and I could not get lower.  I noticed my foods.  and decided to check.  I actually after a year on the diet found a problem food.  hidden or not checked flour ingredient in my twizzlers candy.  I was shocked as I found it out today.  yet I re-gained some confidence to say Saturated Fat would not be total eliminated as I felt it was not the problem.  So I will be checking in later.  As of today.  a three pound loss in six days is nothing to jump and shout.  My husband once massaged me and it must of been on a good day as I had a record 7 lbs loss that day.  I just hope I don't need to extra massage as he gets very tired out doing it so its a rare treat.  

Update Sept 27, 2005
Well I've been maintaing and not gaining. but this is about loss.  so I need to be a better dectective.  I am done researching my next quest.  Something I forgotten to add importance.  that is most wheat suffers,  or gluten suffers ( I do not know) have a allergy to one or more foods.  Well I realized I sorta ignored Yeast.  Though since reading in adkins of yeast problems. I grab Linda's book and though it could be the culprit.  as I am craving sweets.  Yet I though I was okay.  Yet in March and late feb.  I lost alot of water.  I recalled I was also low on sweets.  and learned through adkins that its very hard to detect.  their rotational diet to find the culprit is something I prefer not to do.  I rather do Linda's waterfall of avoidence. since I am sure this method though slow is though.  I also note that saturated fats don't see to be the last culprit.   So hence forth I am avoiding table sugar.  and yeast items.  though I need to research it more.  cheese, mushroom which I never ate and vinegar are things which I need to avoid.  I usual give it a week before I check.  yet somewhere the problem lies.  and I sometimes can't test two weeks in a row if you are counting my time.  I have social  functions the past 3 weeks and been slow because of that.  but I did avoid saturated fats.  just did not check as often my water level. 

I want to add a photo for the people who say she been on this diet for a long time. and has'nt lost the water.  it proof of the good effect the diet has done.  and healing as my doctor of Gastro have told me could take a couple of years.  so actual by his last statement to me.  I was on track.  The pictures show a skin blotchy brown which I was told was a sun condition.  the diet has caused the reacurring problem to vanish.  and only photo can document that.  that a side effect bonus of this diet.

TAnita Body Composition Analyzer TBF-300A    is a scale I recently got on. in Feb 2010.  I knew this scale was not detail enough of finding fluid being a scale for around $1500.00 and the scale which I know did it was their upscale scale. which sold in feb 2003 for $5,000.00  this is a shocker.   if they the manufactor don't know if it can do it.  then what and why was my reading in my personal view so accurate in feb 2003
feb 2003 scale reading was basically two water measurement and total water weight. for body.  in that scale it was 30lbs reading when normal was 7 to 11 pounds.
the Feb 2010 most recently yet not detail enough for my needs read this.
TBW 93.01lbs which the trainer who did the test told me was why this cale could not be  used.   I am testing on water scale to see low model are not detail enough.  and higher one are able to do it.  you would need the rare lymph edema to do it on.
and prove it.

The only way to evaluate edema is to separate intracellular and extracellular water, that requires multiple frequencies.  We currently do not have a solution. 


Thanks for writing into Tanita.  We hope you can find a product that will help you. 


Jesse Roach



8166 304th Ave S.E

Preston, WA 98050

Office:  (425) 222-7873



I wrote that to this contact from the scale manufactor.


a personal journey to a healthy me!
and a healty You!

I think planning a meal in a set up of food you can eat is best. for instance
3 days of oatmeal everyother day eaten
3 day of yogurt for one of the smaller meals.
3 day of banana for fluid suffers.
3 salad days for lunch. and alternate a real meat of meat potatoe or fish and mach and cheese.  with veggie.
3 days of soups homemade if desired. 
3 days of fruit for a meal ( yes I said fruit as a meal)
limit carbs and eat the smallest sweet if you have a sweet tooth.  they have mini rolos and mini reeses which are tiny but satisfy. Remember This meal for fluid suffer you don't count the carbs as you need the repairing work of fruit carbs for vascular.  also use coconut oil.  which is 76 degree solids or above it liquid just like lymph is in your body. remember move neck up and down 5  x and head side to side 10 x each morning and afternoon for fluid flow in the lymph system.
1 meal of breakfast meat and have three bad days of flour.  or spelt. which has less flour.
have two reg meals which can be used out to eat style.

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