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this is a link which shows where the body scale that measure inside and outside tissue space which is water need to be checked out.   please be aware Doctors do not always know what is best.  if you are rare.  you are out of luck in American the united state are in the dark ages for water retention severe cases.

Hello everyone!   this photo is not actual pic of me or my family.  or even my adorable pets.  but its consider evidence of edema.  how I do not exactly know.  but I am told a cat scan can provide evidence to the fluid buildup.    so you can check it out.  though most of us would benefit from medical practitioners to check it out.


for medical science.  here is proof that medical science cannot help.  fluid build up is basical ignored.  I have been to oakwood doctors for years.  they listen but say I am obese.  and saddly when I got a second view point.   the university of michigan doctors who while they agreed some fluid was possible.  ( they were the only one beside my current and new primary who touched and looked at my belly. source of my fluid build up.)   sadly they wrote obese in medical reports which anyone can get their own reports of that visit.    this shows doctors are wrong.   and get this.   they call it tissue space.   to avoid the issue.   they stick together should we trust people paid alot to hear us complain we know our bodies and they really don't.   yet here I am ignored.  check the photo out.   more larger on cat scan page.



this sorta looks plastic don't it.

for most people that suffer severe edema or fluid retention.  they don't have much chance of medical science to help them.  the sad fact is water often baffles doctors.  why else do they wish to run from patient that claim to have it.  sad fact is we are mis shaped.  very pregnant like and tired.  very easily confused, very bad cordination due to the auto immune that is in our bodies.  this is seen by our white blood count.  you see other white cells present and you can bet you got auto immune where your inside are being eaten up and doctors have no ideal of this.    its because they are to lazy and have no desire to be the first to report this water severe condition is severe effect people lifes.

Day before thanksgivin 2002.  my dear brother died.   he had what they called hep c.   but he was eaten inside out.  that not common of hep c.   yet he basical was drained of over 120 pound of water.  even today I wonder if my dear older brother died from Auto immune and the doctors who charged prices to gain their income were not screwing him around.  he died that year.  and I know they would not of found the edema he had.  it was like my own.   or should I say I have what he has.  and I am no druggie,  no intervenious blood reciver.  yet they don't know what to call auto immune conditions. 
God should hear our voices.  its feel worst than you can imagine.  but I suspect my auto accident hid a slow leak.  that I cannot repair.  and my oakwood doctors cannot find it.   because they don't want to be medical malpractice.  
how do you get help in America?

I welcome your stores.  though I am on waterfall diet. it helps fight the auto immune condition.  and is the only help I found.  though my doctors actual limited the horsechestnut.   that helps break the protien down.   I take one pill daily. if I can remember.  
what does water do to you? 
You forget, are severe fatique, are cold, aches and pains, have white blood cells attack your body because you are protien rich edema.  and its just get worst.  the horsechestnut helps fight it. 
you also can't grip a pen.  or maybe my nerve damage is going to be a biggie.  one day if water hides it.  your hear my story end with a fight against the government stating ssi did not listen to my condition.  and its rare,  yes but its my condition.   sad report.  how much can your body store excess water?   I don't know.  but Garry Dick had over 120 lbs they drained from him and were not even sure of what it was from.  this is medical doctors in the second millinium.   suffers don't even get the respect that they have water.  most call us fat.  this is unfair.

I welcome your signing my guest book.  I am on Linda forum daily.  I like to put up updates on my diet and my over long journey to a healthy me.   I suspect my auto accident had me leaking every year about 8 lb to 12 lbs a year.  that would be great that they could find it.  but the water scale they use are not the ones which can find the water.  inside and outside tissue reading are what you would need.  and tanita  is a company that makes some.  
be wary of the scale that read only one type of water reading. if you suffer from severe edema or (fluid retention) especial in your adomen.  you won't be getting both measurements of water.  so inside and outside tissue combined is actual reading.  

a personal journey to a healthy me!
and a healty You!

I think planning a meal in a set up of food you can eat is best. for instance
3 days of oatmeal everyother day eaten
3 day of yogurt for one of the smaller meals.
3 day of banana for fluid suffers.
3 salad days for lunch. and alternate a real meat of meat potatoe or fish and mach and cheese.  with veggie.
3 days of soups homemade if desired. 
3 days of fruit for a meal ( yes I said fruit as a meal)
limit carbs and eat the smallest sweet if you have a sweet tooth.  they have mini rolos and mini reeses which are tiny but satisfy. Remember This meal for fluid suffer you don't count the carbs as you need the repairing work of fruit carbs for vascular.  also use coconut oil.  which is 76 degree solids or above it liquid just like lymph is in your body. remember move neck up and down 5  x and head side to side 10 x each morning and afternoon for fluid flow in the lymph system.
1 meal of breakfast meat and have three bad days of flour.  or spelt. which has less flour.
have two reg meals which can be used out to eat style.

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